Ravencult – “Force Of Profanation”


Ravencult – “Force Of Profanation” (Metal Blade Records)

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Epitomizing Greek black / thrash metal since 2001, Ravencult have built their fan base in over 20 European countries through a series of demos, splits, EPs and albums as well as some serious touring over the years! “Force Of Profanation” is their 3rd album and vividly captures the mayhemic, yet catchy sonic violence of this Mediterranean metal band. Originally black metal, Ravencult soon evolved to include thrash into their pounding sound made all the more vicious by neck snapping grooves that would have any hardcore headbanger in ecstasy. With Alex leading the foray with his hoarse, guttural vocals and JV keeping a relentless pace with his drums, the stars are undoubtedly Stef for his intense guitar work just piling in the riffola and solos as well as Kostas for his deep bass runs which in no small part add to those monster grooves and the ultra heavy back end of songs like ‘Tormentor of Flesh’, ‘Merciless Reprisal‘ and ‘Beneath the Relics of Old’. Of course, the intelligent song arrangements and faultless delivery are what sets these guys apart from the standard mindless blitzkrieg into extremity, proving that Ravencult are indeed the dark masters of what they do best.

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