Raving Season – “Amnio”

Raving Season – “Amnio” (My Kingdom Music)

Wow, dreamy Italian doom death with not one chick on vocals but two – one angelic and the other one a growler lol! With heavy melancholic riffs a la Anathema accompanied by some intelligent use of atmospheric keyboards that occasionally raise the tempo, Raving Season have some interesting potential. It’s taken them 2 years to craft “Amnio” and whilst songs like ‘Silent Lake’, ‘Dusk Dance’ and ‘My Darkest Season’ certainly contain the passion of gothic doom, sadly I don’t think Frederica’s growls are intense enough as they are still somewhat feminine. However, I’m not altogether certain a male could pull this off either as I really don’t think the contrasting vocals are even needed given Judith’s enchanting voice is more than sufficient enough to carry the band through. Still, the music itself is definitely worth checking out for its emo factor alone given its careful composing and depressive tones, thus making Raving Season of worthy note?

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