RAWAGE “Triumph Of Sin”

“Triumph Of Sin”
(Violent Journey)
This gotta be good with a name like RAWAGE. A combination of raw and ravage can’t fail, can it? Other than the band name I know very little about this band. But I’m sure as hell is going to find out as much as I can about them starting with their record. I can’t help being impressed by how many bands there are in Finland. I thought I knew of all but I’ve been proven so wrong time after time that I’ll stop thinking I have any clue whatsoever. RAWAGE could play thrash and nothing else with a name like that. This is thrash in the harsher, harder school. The Devastation/Sadus kind of thrash turned up to 11. The for the throat kind of thrash that is as far away from Testament and Anthrax that you can come. This is thrash for those that like the early sound of a band like Kreator. Anders Ekdahl

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