Razor – “Violent Restitution”


Razor – “Violent Restitution” Deluxe reissue (Relapse Records)

Following hot on the footsteps of other Canadian thrashers like Anvil and Exciter, Razor took it all to a new fearsome level on jaw dropping releases like “Evil Invaders”, “Custom Killing” – and “Violent Restitution”. With a screaming vocalist named Stacey ‘Sheepdog’ McLaren, guitarist / founder Dave Carlo successfully broke the speed record for delivering machine gun thrashola – along with missile shock solos that had many wondering if the band secretly had a second guitarist. Going through new rhythm sections almost every album, the breakneck pace of Razor’s relentless assault needs to be heard to be astonishingly believed. Quite how the band lasted 30 years – and still tours – is beyond me given their hammering pace! “Violent Restitution” is one of three long out of print, classic Razor albums. Each Deluxe reissue comes with super packaging and 3 unreleased bonus tracks, in this case live versions of ‘Shootout’ and ‘Snake Eyes’, both recorded in Toronto in 1988, along with live medley of ‘The Marshall Arts’ and ‘Hypertension‘. Dedicated to Charles Bronson, songs like ‘Enforcer’ and ‘I’ll Say It Only Once’ certainly live up to Razor’s take no prisoners thrash till death motto – even today they are still burning my damn ear drums!!!

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