Razoreater – “Vacuum Of Nihil”


Razoreater – “Vacuum Of Nihil” (WOOAAARGH/Skin and Bones Records)

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With a name like Razoreater, you can pretty much guess that a) they’re British and b) they’re Grindcore – full marks! Formed in the middle England town of Peterborough, this lot play it like their nasty name suggests. Think Napalm a la “Scum”, think Dismember, think Rotten Sound and the actual horror is much greater as they roll d-beat and white noise into this vicious little 5 track album. Formed in 2011, Razoreater have been on a number of split releases but to their credit have gotten themselves booked onto tours, both in the UK and in Europe playing the Incubate Festival in Holland as well as sharing the stage with bands like Weekend Nacho’s, Full Of Hell, Corrupt Moral Alter, Bastions and Human Cull. Needless to say its reflected in the tight musicianship as well as extreme, yet still accessible material that they deliver with rabid possession on hyper-speed tracks like ‘I, Dreadnought’ and ‘Wrath’. Think manic intensity drum work, massive reverberating distorted bass, and of course filthy feedback stenchcore guitars from Sam Gollings and Stephen Pickles that race each other with reckless abandon but also skillfully, like on ‘Bloodeagled’, slow it right down to Sabbath pace complete with crushing riffs, Iommi warbles and Luke Thompson‘s technical drum work alongside his obvious aggression proving the man’s talent. With Ben Rollings vocals remain hoarsely aggressive throughout, this mayhemic release is sure to send shock waves through your nerve racked soul!!

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