RAZORWYRE “Another Dimension”

“Another Dimension”
(Infernö Records)
New Zealand’s Razorwyre is another of these bands that hold the banner of heavy metal high. I kinda have high expectations on this album as I’ve waited for it for a long time now. But at the same time I’m a bit hesitant playing it. What if it doesn’t match my expectations? What if it is a major let down? What do I do then? Kill myself to live on? Well, only time will tell really. If you love your metal thrashing hard and think that old Anthrax, Metallica or Slayer, Exodus, Forbidden and Death Angel are the pivotal metal experiences then this is the kind of album you should go for. This is the kind of metal that doesn’t get old no matter when it is played. It is like time stands still when something is great. It can be done over and over again and it will never ever get old and boring. This is the kind of metal that has no sell by date. This is simply just great all the time. Anders Ekdahl

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