RAZZMATAZZ “Rock’N’Roll Hero”

“Rock’N’Roll Hero”
The band name made me think Nazareth. A band that I have no relation to whatsoever. But that might be wrong of me thinking that this will be music in the vein of Nazareth just because the band name reminds me of that band. This could be so much more. Or it could be nothing less. No matter how you twist and turn everything will be sorted by the end of this review. This German band play music that have much in common with AC/DC, Krokus, Trash and a handful of other bands in the same league. I’m not the biggest AC/DC fan but I like Krokus (especially “Headhunter”) and I liked Trash debut album in the 80s. That alone is enough for me to dig this album. That I feel the groove of the album too adds to the overall impression of this being some pretty decent hardrock-ish songs. Anders Ekdahl

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