RE-ARMED “Worldwide Hypnotize”

“Worldwide Hypnotize”
Lately it feels like the world has been invaded by a new wave of thrash metal bands. Everywhere I turn I step on a new thrash metal band. Not that I’m complaining. I like a really good thrash metal album. I still play my old Forbidden albums while I bang my head uncontrollable. Re-armed are more thrash metal along the way of the less melodic kind and the more straight forward head on the nail kind. No fancy wrap-around or any other glittery. Just full on ahead thrash metal with a slight death metal touch (otherwise known as deathrash). That music moves in circles Re-armed are proof of. Once you’ve introduced something new it will never go away, it’ll just keep looping until it hits the right spot again. Re-armed’s thrash metal might be timeless but I’m not sure that the time is right for all to enjoy it, unfortunately. At least I like it. Anders Ekdahl

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