Re-Machined – “Wheels Of Time”

Re-Machined – “Wheels Of Time” (Pride & Joy Music)
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Clearly no spring chickens or revivalists, it’s pretty clear that Re-Machined grew up during the glory years of hard rock and heavy metal listening to Priest, Maiden, Saxon – and being German undoubtedly Scorpions and Accept! Only forming in 2018, yet raising the dust almost immediately to positive reviews, they’ve already supported Manilla Road, Gun Barrel, Bonfire and Trance. Now attracting the attention of renowned producer Markus Teske (U.D.O., Saga and The New Roses) has resulted in this amazing debut and brother, the 12 sterling tracks here bring back that long remembered phrase: pure heavy metal heaven!!! Damn near the perfect mix of steaming heaviness melded with stirring melodies and superb musicianship throughout, “Wheels Of Time” indeed takes you back to those days when ballads, cover songs and keyboards never dared tarnish the hallowed heavy metal album. Rolling in with thick, reverb drenched guitars topped off by lead melodies and backed by massive drums on ‘In My Life’, it’s the punchy hard rocking main riff and harmony chorus led by Thomas Ritter’s screamo tinged soulful vocals that really grabs you, while the slower title track ‘Wheels Of Time’ with its razor burning riffs, deep bass and feedback howling guitars exude total confidence from a band clearly keen to show their song writing and playing prowess in unhurried, epic style – fantastic. Screaming in on ‘To Hell And Back’ albeit with plenty of soul in very cool mix of early Maiden and Accept, it’s once again the powerful main riff that hooks you in immediately as the twin axes of Horst Pflaumer and Andreas Glanz then go to work on you with an unstoppable array of melodic, teasing and screaming solos to complete the ecstatic package! Rocking in classic Priest style on ‘Change Your Mind’, the massive razor riffs and pounding drums do their trick as Ritter screams his heart out (although commendably still with soul) amid teasing tremolo wails, churning grooves and teasing licks all from the bible of rock’s greatest. A truly impressive debut that is shameless in its purity for the love of original heavy metal!
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