Reaper In Sicily – “Islands”

Reaper In Sicily – “Islands” (

Wow, this young Welsh outfit literally came outta nowhere to win the 2009 Kerrang! Best Unsigned Band Award, landing themselves a label and even radio and TV airplay – until guitarist Matthew Jenkins was diagnosed with leukaemia. Best buddies, the rest of the band hung out for this recovery and thankfully now have this amazing debut to show for their kindness. Playing high energy rock with chunks of catchy melody and harmonies songs like ‘Boys Will Be Boys’, ‘Chuck Norris Got A Chainsaw’ and ‘Down But Not Out’ are the stuff teenage anthems are made of, reaching out and grabbing you while staying for days in your head as you subconsciously hum them. I actually thought they had a chick for a vocalist – until I discovered he was called Rhys Bernardo lol – but those adolescent Hanson-like wails mixed in with kitten screamo will undoubtedly have girls clawing at him, as will the labels once more as these boys scythe their way across the UK on their upcoming summer tour!

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