Rebaelliun – “Bringer Of War (The Last Stand)”

Rebaelliun – “Bringer Of War (The Last Stand)” EP Re-Issue (Hammerheart Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Lovers of untold carnage, unrelenting war and unparalleled brutality will no doubt remember Rebaelliun from the turn of the century when they first issued this savage EP – now it returns with 4 new fierce tracks adding more bloody glory to its original form! Cousins to Krisiun, these Brazilians play a similar extreme death metal with everything – and I mean exactly that – ramped up to the max. Twin firestorm guitars from Ronaldo Lima and Fabiano Penna who unleash riffing hell, machine gun licks and insane terror solos, artillery barrage bass and a drummer (Sandro Moreira) that is faster than a chain gun but hits with the precision of a lazer guided bomb define the 8 horrors in store for you here from ‘Bringer Of War’ to ‘Ground Zero’ and ‘Kings Of The Unholy Blood’. As for Lohy Fabiano’s vocals, well, they’re predictably unleashed from hell itself, having been conjured from the spilled guts of some unfortunate soul while rhyming devilishly cruelly in their catchiness. Definitely a band that brings it, Rebaelliun went through a hiatus but are now joyfully back and with this extended EP prove that they have lost none of their talent in delivering the musical equivalent of war itself!

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