REBELLION “Arminius, Furor Teutonicus”

“Arminius, Furor Teutonicus”
I have to admit that for some reason I’ve stayed away from this band ever since they formed. Don’t know if it was the right decision but something in my gut told me to stay away. But now I can’t resist the urge to check them out. I kind of expect this to be heavy metal that will rock my world. To what degree remains to be seen but I really hope that I was wrong in not checking them out from the beginning. What struck me immediately was how much Rebellion made me think of Running Wild and Grave Digger. This is the type of anthemic heavy metal I’ve come to expect from the previous mentioned bands. This is heavy and with a raw edge yet it is accessible enough to sing along to. If you think Hammerfall are too cheery then this will fit you much better. Having heard this album I really wish that I had been there from the beginning. I will rectify that mistake. Anders Ekdahl

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