Rebellious Spirit – “Gamble Shot”

Rebellious Spirit – “Gamble Shot” (Steamhammer / SPV)

Sweden has Hardcore Superstar, Finland has Reckless Love and the US has da Crüe. Well, now Germany has Rebellious Spirit! All under 20, these Southern Germans play a softer and dare I say it, more innocent rock compared to their peers in Kissing Dynamite, although hitting equally hard albeit in the heart dept so yeah, your chick will like this too lol. Growing up at festivals like Bang Your Head, the band have penned tear jerking melodies mixed with even more passionate soloing on songs like ‘Sweet Access Right’, ‘Don’t Leave Me’ and ‘Forever Young’ that make you feel you’re sweet sixteen and with a hair mop! There’s also a slight punkish element that give their rhythms a kick as well as in Jannik Fischer’s slightly off key vocals. As I said it’s more teen cheek rather than the hard street sass of GnR but Rebellious Spirit certainly live up to name in appealing to a whole generation of disgruntled youth with nuthin’ left to lose except roll the dice.

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