Rebellious Spirit – “Obsession”


Rebellious Spirit – “Obsession” (Steamhammer / SPV)

Another youthful band fast rising out’ve southern Germany, Rebellious Spirit have already played the Bang Your Head festival, released their debut “Gamble Shot” and have been recently confirmed as the support for none other than Axel Rudi Pell on his upcoming tour. Funnily enough, they don’t sound anything like him or many of the typical bands gracing the stage at Bang Your Head, taking their inspiration instead from 80s glam hard rockers like Skid Row, Bon Jovi and more recently HIM. However, the original impetus behind the band forming was Kissin Dynamite, after vocalist / guitarist Jannik Fischer saw them on stage while his father was celebrating his 40th birthday in the same venue! Despite being still at school (!), the band have a very mature sound befitting the retro genre they’ve chosen to pursue, along with an authentic hairspray look although musically the cock rock element is definitely amiss. Call it youthful innocence, or that times have moved on into the politically correct, but Rebellious Spirit have stuck to the purity and essence of pure rock: soulful vocals, high boy harmonies, crunching rock guitars and a solid rhythm bring the radiance of youthful energy and fiery dreams on songs like ‘In My Dreams’, ‘Look What I’ve Become’ and ‘Forever And Ever’. Playing the full range from stadium anthems to heartfelt ballads and rock out numbers there isn’t any attitude or cocky sass in their style and I have to say that it is completely refreshing to have a band that not only plays rock but actually believes in it, without all the trappings of stardom weaving its temptations to corrupt many a band into ultimate ruin. In a many way these guys remind me of a youthful Def Leppard all those years ago, not just full of innocent aspirations but also inspiring others in their own right through their purity of their stage dreams but moreover the power of the spirit in their music.

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