RED – “Declaration”

RED – “Declaration” (Red Entertainment, The Fuel Music)

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It probably comes as no surprise that this 7th album from GRAMMY® nominated, RIAA Certified Gold-selling rock band RED is called “Declaration”, given their bold move to ditch their label last year and go it alone via GoFundMe. Still working with producer Rob Barnes, but mixed and mastered by the band’s former drummer Joe Rickard, “Declaration” continues RED’s award winning formula mixing nu-metal with post grunge and orchestral elements to produce 10 catchy and energetic tracks reflective of the talent that took this band to more than 25 countries across 2,500+ concerts with over 3 million albums sold worldwide, winning them 6 Dove Awards and multiple film, TV and gaming placements while being featured by Conan, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, USA Today, Rolling Stone, Guitar World and many more! Hammering in on ‘All For You’ through a multiple assault of djent riffs, electro beats, exotic synths and piano keys, Michael Barne’s laid back soul lulls you convincingly into a mesmerizing explosion of all the instruments and his own powering screams brilliantly topped off by some dramatic orchestrals on this very suave opener indeed. If fact, it’s all very slick throughout the album, reflective of the polished sheen from a top notch product that you’d expect from a high end band like RED, so if that’s what you crave, then “Declaration” has it in bunches! Following suit is ‘Infidel’ with its initial piano key intro bursting into nu metal fury from Anthony Armstrong’s heavy djent riffs really turning up a storm before calming the next ever so blissfully through Barne’s wails matched by exotic eastern orchestrals – it’s an incredible and lush contrast that simply can’t be ignored. In another twist, ‘The War We Made’ actually starts heavily with hard drums and deep cellos, but soon becomes a ballad led by Barne’s emotional voice backed by moving violins culminating in a heart breaking chorus that’s sure to stay long in one’s soul. Ending with ‘From The Ashes’, it’s initial darkness soon gives way to full djent propulsion with Randy Armstrong’s bass adding its heavy measure but contrasted so perfectly by some ambient soul towards an unforgettably epic ending. “Declaration” is a hugely catchy and stylish release that amply justifies its bold title.

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