Red Eyes – “Obey The Beast”

Red Eyes – “Obey The Beast” (Noiseheadrecords)

I can certainly relate to this Amsterdam crew’s name given some hard party nights in their cool city! Still, “Obey The Beast” came as a real surprise given their old school hard rock / metal style contrasted with how young these guys are – although they can certainly rock! Lucas Pruim’s youthful vocals are already showing signs of rawness no doubt from downing countless amounts of booze while the rhythm section Damian Lopez and Froggy Yanes just pound and kick it like speed freaks gone wild on songs like ‘Smoking Guns’, ‘My Frenzy’ and ‘Wicked Devils’! But the dual guitars of Yordi Lopez and Mathieu Martel bring it all together fusing together the metal of Maiden with the sassy rock of AC/DC and some cool modern get-the-funk out riffs. I’m not surprised that Noisehead signed these guys after one of their sold out shows at the Paradiso cos this music was born to play live, having all the hallmarks of a great rock out night – prepare yourselves for the New Wave of Amsterdam Heavy Metal!

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