Red Lamb – “Red Lamb”

Red Lamb – “Red Lamb” (Hansel & Gretel)

Partnership of the year! Bringing together Dave Mustaine with original Anthrax guitarist Danny Spitz, Red Lamb is blistering heavy metal that will make your body tremble! If you’ve been wondering what Spitz has been up to all these years besides brief reappearances in Anthrax, in short he embarked on a new career as a master watchmaker. However, metal clearly runs thru his blood (his brother is none other than Dave ‘The Beast’ Spitz!) so it comes as no surprise that fans still keep in touch with him and only a matter of time before he resurfaced, choosing to do so in fine style by collaborating with the living legend of Megadeth’s own front man! With the duo both co producing and writing lyrics, Danny composed all the music and handles all the guitarwork. Drafting Chris Venna (Marilyn Manson / Nine Inch Nails) on programming, Patrick Johansson (Yngwie Malmsteen / WASP) on drums and Don Chaffin (Voices Of Extreme) on vocals to complete the fiery flock, there ain’t no silence in this lamb! Shredding guitars, searing vocals and pounding drums chug like a freight train asunder. Musically it’s a mixture of Megadeth especially on the cynical and sassy ‘Puzzle Box’ to the rap rock n roll of ‘One Shell (In The Chamber)’ to the Anthrax thrash like ‘Keep Pushing Me’. Always steaming, “Red Lamb” proves that neither Mustaine nor Spitz have lost their fire or talent in kicking our asses into the new year!

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