RED TREE RELIGION “Sparking Night Lust”

”Sparking Night Lust”
RED TREE RELIGION, Blue Script Revelation. I guess that a band name could be any combination of words. If it looks good why not use it. If it has meaning to you the better but if not you could always make up a story about the name. This Greek band are a blank to me. I’m not a one-track minded metalhead. I can appreciate other styles of music but I never really got the whole funk metal/rock thing we saw when Dan Reed Network, Living Colour and the likes were big in the 90s. I could only take a song or two of it. Funk in its purest form is cool but funk metal, no thanks. Why RED TREE RELIGION wants to play a style similar to Red Hot Chili Peppers funkier tunes are a mystery to me. But having said that I gotta admit that I find myself nodding my head to their tunes. There is something slightly infectious to their music that is hard to dismiss. This I could very well see myself listening to when I drive to work. There is something positive and life affirming to this EP that puts a smile on my face. Anders Ekdahl

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