Redemption – “The Art of Loss”


Redemption – “The Art of Loss” (Metal Blade Records)

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Five years on from this LA prog metal super-group’s last release comes this 6th album in “The Art of Loss”. With time taken out for touring, producing a DVD/ CD and health issues faced by some members of the band – Bernie Versailles being currently sidelined owing to his aneurysm – delays have been inevitable if unexpected by the band themselves. Still, sound wise this album follows pretty much from “This Mortal Coil” as a stylish blend of modern prog. That said, there’s a more upbeat feel to “The Art of Loss” with its driving drums and an even more uplifting feel to the material especially in the melodies, catchy harmonies and love triumphing over hate lyrics that could be acknowledged by any power metal or even Christian metal band, hence a logical label move from InsideOut to Metal Blade. Beefing up Redemption comes a star studded cast in guitarists Marty Friedman, Chris Poland, Chris Broderick, and Simone Mularoni, along with guest vocalist John Bush, who really kicks it on an impressive cover of The Who’s ‘Love Reign O’er Me‘ (from the film / album “Quadrophenia”). Whether based on some master plan or not, they certainly add to the virtuosity and technical flamboyance like on ‘Slouching Towards Bethlehem‘, though thankfully just stopping short of their own solo technical indulgences and considerately not resigning Redemption themselves to being backing musicians! Still, it all comes together impeccably well in not just the tightness of all involved but moreover, how naturally it all sounds so full marks for that! Although I’m not one for instrumentals, I thoroughly enjoyed “The Art of Loss” for its energy, captivating music and love – so yeah, that arty red wine glass cover does seem apt after all……

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