Redline – “Vice”

Redline – “Vice” (Escape Music)

Hit the throttle baby – if your idea of freedom is to hit the road on your bike and yer old lady ridin’ pillion, then Redline has gotta be what you’re listening to! Whether its the sun kissed freeways of California, winding mountain roads of Europe or rolling thru the wilds of the English countryside, this new Brit hard rock band have got your groove whether it’s hard n fast, down n dirty or something more laid back. Hailing outta Birmingham, the same rock city that gave us Sabbath, Priest, Diamond Head etc, Redline’s driving hard rock brings an immediate smile to my face with its classic sound. From the Brit rock vocals of Kez Taylor to the thumping drums of Mark Biddiscombe and most of all, the motorin’ twin guitars of AD and Steve Petty that growl just like the engines on a bike, these rockers know the feel of yer motor and the fire that pulses in your veins giving it all to ya on ‘We Came To Rock’, ‘Black Sky’ and the anthemic ‘King Of The Mountain’ – dedicated to the high velocity Isle Of Man TT Races no less! This really is a steaming rocker of an album and it’s no surprise Jimmy Lea from Slade has made a guest appearance on the album and they’ve already toured with the likes of Saxon, UFO, Tesla and Raven. I can’t wait to see these guys on the road cos this material simply was born to burn live!!!!!!

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