REECE “Resilient Heart”

“Resilient Heart”
(Mighty Music)

Battle Helm Rating

I missed REECE when they played a local pub because I had to work but from what I have heard they did a hell of a gig. With that in mind I expect to be somewhat blown away by this album. I cannot say that I have great memories of his time with Accept, or even know what he has done since then. I am though glad that I get to hear this album because I have only read great things about it so far. If you expect anything Accept you better think again. Sure, this is hard and heavy but to my ears this has more of a rock’n’roll vibe to it. Much more NWOBHM than Teutonic metal. There is a vibrant feeling to the material on this album. It doesn’t feel old and tired in any way even though it has that old school feel to it. I want to say that this is much more hardrock than it is heavy metal. I guess that old tag heavy rock is a fitting description of this. Cool stuff indeed. Anders Ekdahl

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