REFUSAL “Epitome Of Void”

“Epitome Of Void ”
(Great Dane Records)

Battle Helm Rating

REFUSAL do sound like a hardcore band to me. I know. Never judge a band on its band name, but some band names are hard to not judge beforehand. This is one of these band names. But given the history of the stuff that Great Dane Records has sent me previously I expect this to be either in the thrash of death metal categories. This is a Finnish old school death metal band that formed in 2008, released a debut album on FDA Rekotz in 2016 called “We Rot Within”. The fact that I have missed out on that album kinda shows how bad I have kept in touch with certain labels. But that is another story. This is like I said old school death metal. I love the old Finnish death metal sound. Not as much as I love the old Swedish death metal sound but there was something special with the death metal scene back in the late 80s, early 90s. This harks back to that era. Perhaps not as “perky” as some old school death metal is today, this has a more doom side of things. Not so that I’d label this death doom or doom death or anything like that. This is first and foremost a pure blast of old school death. Anders Ekdahl

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