REGARDLESS OF ME “Pleasures And Pain”

“Pleasures And Fear”
(Unexploded Records)
Italian Regardless Of Me are totally new to me. I had not even heard the name before I received this new album by them. Not knowing what to expect can be a challenge all itself. This could be the worst crap ever or it could be the most revelatory release of 2011. I’m pleased to say that this does not suck majorly. It doesn’t even suck a little bit. I am pleased to announce that Regardless of Me are pretty good at what they do. And that is the big challenge, to decipher what it is that they play. When I think death metal with a melodic touch they change into some Lacuna Coil gothish metal. Goth death metal might be a fitting description of their music. Take the best from both genres and mix them together and you might end up with “Pleasures And Fear”. Whatever it is that they play it is still metal and I like it even if I can’t label it correctly. Anders Ekdahl

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