REINAUS “Saatanalle”


Battle Helm Rating

This has all the vibes of Finnish black metal from the deep forests close to Treriksröset going for it. No matter how clichéd it might sound like and most of all, look like this is still some really cool as fuck primitive black metal. I’ve been to the north of Sweden once during winter and I gotta tell you that what seems like cliché’s to us in the south is everyday life to these people. So it is no wonder that this album is a like a true celebration to the cold and harsh environment a long and hard winter brings with it. And I gotta admit that the album cover looks cool in all its winter glory. There is something special about winter that I miss. Musically this follows in that traditional Finnish harsh black metal track that bands like Horna, Behexen and the likes have ploughed. Rough, raw and with an edge so sharp that you’ll cut yourself just looking at it. Anders Ekdahl

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