REJECT THE SICKNESS ”The Weight Of Silence”

”The Weight Of Silence”
(Mighty Music)

Battle Helm Rating

This Belgian death metal combo are new to my ears but they have managed to release an album back in 2015 that I missed out on. This album has been written with the intention of less is more. And that is something you can hear. It is straight for the throat death metal. it is supposedly melodic but I don’t hear too much melody in this. Not that I mind. This is some really cool death metal that makes me think of a time when death metal was death metal and you didn’t have to have a glossary to know what it is that you are listening to. Having said that I do get a thrash vibe from this too. And with that comes the melodies. But the overall feeling is that this is a good album for fans of At The Gates or Children Of Bodom. Anders Ekdahl

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