(Cult Of Parthenope)

Battle Helm Rating

I feel that I have neglected the Italian scene a bit of lately. There was a time when it felt like I knew all Italian bands but not anymore. Which makes an acquaintance RELEASE THE BLACKNESS really nice. I like what I hear on this album. But it also makes me realize that I have been too deep in the black metal pit of lately to fully get where this lot are coming from. Not that it hinders me from liking what I hear. It is more the nerd in me that needs to know everything there is to know. This is being described as progressive death metal. I can agree with that description if they mean progressive in a Dark Tranquillity sense because that is the band I came to think of first. The more I listen to this the more I like it. There is a vibe to this that I find hard to resist. A really nice album. Anders Ekdahl

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