Relics Of Martyrs – “Scenes Of Blood And Betrayal”

Relics Of Martyrs – “Scenes Of Blood And Betrayal” (Noiseheadrecords)

Martyrdom, blood, betrayal…well these guys should know all about it as they come from the middle eastern country of Jordan! Made up of Armenians and Arabs, Relics Of Martyrs play old school thrash very much the vein of Sepultura during their “Beneath The Remains” era and Kreator’s “Endless Pain” days – not a bad combo at all! Amr Atieh’s versatile vocals alternate between growls to screams on songs like ‘Hidden In the Sand’, ‘Judas Between Us’ and ‘The Martyrs Journey’, all of which are scourged by that classic underground sound of distorted guitars, muffled bass and dull, thudding drums – just like it was in the 80s! Not ones to turn their backs on their roots, there are middle eastern melodies in there too, but for the most part it’s dirty hate filled thrash written by those whose people have endured genocide and oppression thru martyrdom for centuries: prepare for a real history in violence.

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