RELINQUISHED “Onward Anguishes”

“Onward Anguishes”
(Noisehead Records)
Dark melodic metal. Heard that one before? That Relinquished sound like any other band influenced by Gothenburgian metal is beside the point. Or is it? How many more bands can we take that sound like a rehashed At The Gates or a Dark Tranquillity MK 25? In my book we can take as many as it needs as long as they are any good at what they do. Relinquished proved to be a positive surprise. There is a darkness to the music that i like. It’s not as sunny and chirpy as most of these bands have a tendency to be. There is a depth to this that makes me take extra notice. Sure, you get all the usual components but as with Dark Tranquillity there is more to than meets the ear at first. And that I like. I like to be challenged. Anders Ekdahl

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