All That Remains – “The Order Of Things”


All That Remains – “The Order Of Things” (Razor & Tie)

It’s been 3 years or so since we heard from this melodic metalcore crew from Massachusetts, who take the powerful guitar melodies that made early In Flames so infectious, along with a healthy dose of US metalcore influenced by the likes of Hatebreed or Lamb of God, so little wonder that on this album they’ve switched producers from long time Adam D to Josh Wilbur! Now onto their 7th album, “The Order Of Things” goes further than its predecessor in the melody stakes, from clean female harmonies courtesy of bassist Jeanne Sagan to Philip Labonte going the whole hog to produce vocal leads that could almost be pop in terms of its emo heartbreaking potential. With Oli Herbert’s guitar piling in the Gothenburg melodies a plenty, aside from some hoarse vocal backdrops, songs like ‘Criticism And Self Realization‘ and ‘Victory Lap‘ have been crafted with maximum catchiness and singability in mind, especially with the aforementioned Wilbur even co-writing some of the songs apparently! With long time fans undoubtedly asking if there is still a shred of their old band in there, the answer is somewhat, probably in the propelling double bass drumming of Jason Costa and Sagan’s heavy bass runs such as on ‘Pernicious’ or the slower, but more brooding ‘No Knock’, with some twisted, djent riff bending from Herbert. With the world keeping still for no one, All That Remains have adapted to it as they see fit and “The Order Of Things” is their most commercial album to date. No doubt some will pan it – especially when they hear the salt in the wound lyrics of ‘..remember what made us great..’ in ‘The Greatest Generation’. Others, however, will embrace it as a natural progression to build on the band’s success, and from this perspective it will undoubtedly break the band further.

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