Replica – “The Bright Side Of Death”

Replica – “The Bright Side Of Death” (Noiseheadrecords)

Screaming nerd metalcore from outta the Alps! Austria’s Replica might look math kidz but they unleash an avalanche with Alexander Krumenacker’s screamo meets guttural vox, Silberhuber & Steiningers slick but savage guitar work melding hardcore riffola meets melo death melodies and the harsh, chopping rhythm of Aschauer’s bass wiv the tight drumming of Martin Krumenacker. Musically it’s As I Lay Dying with elements of Slayer and At The Gates on songs like ‘True Terror’, ‘Living In Bondage’ and ‘Throatcut With A Butterknife’, along with a healthy humor undoubtedly gained from numerous van tours thru their homeland, as well as Germany, Italy and Hungary with bands like Sepultura, Ektomorf, Heaven Shall Burn, Neaera, One Man Army, The Sorrow, Korzus, Undead Quartet and probably a million others stamped on this blistering 3rd album that even gets the reaper a rockin’!

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