REPUKED “Up Fropm The Sewers”

“Up From The Sewers”
(Soul Seller)
There is something about this that tells me that this is going to be simple like Autopsy or Hellhammer. No fancy glitter. Just in your face metal. Old school, new school or no school doesn’t matter. This will most likely be a blast no matter what. And just as I thought this is simple stuff. No need for a masters degree in music theory to understand this. It kinda reminds me of early The Accüsed. A band that I loved like crazy in the 80s and still return to to this day. Perhaps not the blast that I had expected this is much more controlled than I would have liked. Needs a couple of spins to stick but from what I’ve had a chance to take in this is as crazy as I expected it to be. Anders Ekdahl

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