REQUIEM “Within Darkened Disorder”

“Within Darkened Disorder”
I don’t think this is the REQUIEM I think it is. I remember a Belgian band by the same name from the 90s but seeing as it is a great name for a metal band more than one bands have come up with the great idea to use it as a band name. This is a Swiss death metal band that re-releases a 2010 album in a re-mastered format. Being their sixth album they are still new to me. I haven’t paid too much attention to the Swiss death metal scene in the last decade or two so it is no wonder that this band comes as a surprise to me. Musically this is death metal in a very American way with the very thick sound that you have to cut with a very sharp knife to get through. Played the right way (like Incantation or Immolation) this is some pretty great stuff. Played the wrong way and it just end up being one huge mass of noise. Thankfully REQUIEM play it the right way making this a pretty good death metal album. Anders Ekdahl

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