The Resistance – “Torture Tactics”


The Resistance – “Torture Tactics” MCD (earMUSIC)

Exploding – literally – onto the scene with their visceral debut “Scars” this Swedish all star death metal super group was exactly what many had been waiting for. From In Flame’s founding member Jesper Strömblad and co guitarist Glenn Ljungström to vocalist Marco Aro (The Haunted), drummer Chris Barkensjö (Grave) and new addition Rob Hakemo (M.A.N.) on bass, expect nothing but scything savagery on this follow up that doesn’t let up one iota. Without any of the pleasant Scandi melodies of their predecessor bands, this takes the dirty, grinding sound of early Entombed and aggs it up with raw hardcore to produce music made for the mosh pit – or a street fight. Seriously, this is a violent album that barks aggression and spits ugly brutality in your face from start to finish on menacing songs like ‘Slugger’, ‘For War’ and ‘I Bend You Break’. You’d think that with all their pedigree the guys in The Resistance would have gone for something more sophisticated but no, it’s quite the reverse with corrosive guitars, raw rebounding riffs and a hammering rhythm especially in Rob Hakemo’s shredding bass that will come charging in, deck you to the floor and then stomp all over you mindlessly. Brilliantly executed, The Resistance continues so be prepared for them coming at you!!!!
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