RETALIATORY MEASURES “Withdrawal Syndromes”

“Withdrawal Syndromes”
There is a joy in finding bands that you’ve never heard of that I can’t explain. I much rather buy album by bands that I haven’t heard of than buying new albums with established artists. Which is why I haven’t bought the last two Dream Theater album for example. Finnish Retaliatory Measures are new to me. And as such I have no idea what to expect from them musically. I would like to say that this is borderline thrash metal. The music might be thrash but the vocals are closer to death making this a deathrash album of some magnitude. It is not because they are Finnish that I’ve come to like this album. I don’t have to feel a Nordic pride to like this. It is simply enough for the music alone to be the sole reason for a positive response. I like the feeling of mechanized monotony that is present in the sound. I like the machinelike precision with which they deliver their deathrash. I like the feeling of controlled chaos. Anders Ekdahl

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