REVEL IN FLESH “Manifested Darkness”

“Manifested Darkness”
(FDA Rekotz)
I have only great memories of REVEL IN FLESH’s previous album. This is old school death metal the way Nihilist or Autopsy used to do it. This is the stuff that I grew up with and that still has its precious place in my metal heart. This is the kind of death metal that I will never let go of. Or at least I hope that this album is that too. And it is just as great as I remembered it, if not slightly better. This is a full on blast from the word go and REVEL IN FLESH won’t let go of your throat until the very last song. This is old school death metal being as contemporary as it possible can be. You don’t have to love old Swe Death to appreciate this. You just gotta love death metal period. This German lot has with this album proved to be an entity all its own. Anders Ekdahl

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