REVELATION “Inner Harbor”

”Inner Harbor”
(Shadow Kingdom Records)
I remember REVELATION from back in the early 90s when I found a record they released on Rise Above. Along with Dream Death these chaps were my introduction into doom metal that wasn’t Candlemass. Having missed out on both Saint Vitus and Pentagram this was my first real encounter with the whole post-Black Sabbath scene that were going on. I love Trouble. Not that this is anywhere close to Trouble in sound but there is that same kind of 70s groove to this that I like. OK, I might be as old as time itself but there was something truly free grooving about the 70s that is hard to recreate unless you are really talented. I’m not gonna tell you that if you love 70s tinged doomy metal to check this out as it is pretty obvious already that you have. I’ll go and dig deeper into the discography of REVELATION now. I need a bigger fix of this band. Anders Ekdahl

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