REVENGER ”The New Mythology Vol 1”

”The New Mythology Vol 1”

Battle Helm Rating

A Canadian band. What can go wrong here? Nothing if you ask me. It has to be a really shitty band for me to trash anything Canadian. This is being described as groove/metalcore but my ears say thrash. And I think I’ll trust my ears over any written description. At times it can be hard to compare a band to other bands. This is one of those times. I can hear a ton of bands in my head but I cannot find their names. All I can say really is that if you like your thrash metal full of harsh and aggressive vocals then this is the place for you. With this only being a 5 track EP, and with it being so bloody good to add insult to injury, you have to play it over and over and hope that your neighbors won’t complain too much. Anders Ekdahl

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