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Battle Helm Rating

I gotta say that the whole of the south east or Europe is a rather big blank for me when it comes to metal. Spanish and especially Portuguese metal is lacking in my collection. Yet there are tons of bands that needs to be discovered. And that is what I am doing, one band at a time. This time it is Portuguese REVERENT TALES’ debut album that gets dissected. Not knowing what I would get from this band I put it on. I gotta say that I was happily surprised by how heavy this is. It mixes growls with clean vocals in a way that isn’t new but it is done so convincingly that I am impressed. To me this is like a mix between Arch Enemy and power metal. Death power metal or power death metal? The choice is yours. All I know is that I like what I hear, so much that this one will not be forgotten. Anders Ekdahl

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