Revocation – “Deathless”


Revocation – “Deathless” (Metal Blade Records)

Wow – talk about blast off! Boston’s Revocation certainly don’t hold back when it comes to hitting the detonate button, from frontman Dave Davidson’s raw growl meets screams vocals to the V8 powered drumming of Phil Dubois-Coyne. Still, amid their ferocity come some of the most technical and off the wall licks and solos money can buy courtesy of the aforementioned Davidson along with co guitarist swordsman Dan Gargiulo. A graduate of Boston’s Berklee College of Music, where he concentrated on polyrhythm for jazz, Davidson’s guitar work definitely reflects it where his fusion of complex, technical guitar wizardry meets galloping bass runs and ultra precision drum work on mind meets muscle tracks like ‘Labyrinth Of Eyes’. Lyrically, Davidson has also been eager to set the bar higher on this album too with the Obituary like ‘Madness Opus’ with its heavy whirring death riffola and is based on the HP Lovecraft story, ‘The Music of Erich Zann’, where one can almost envision Davidson’s melodies being that of Zann trying to keep his monster at bay! Elsewhere, ‘The Blackest Reaches’ is probably one of the most defining moments of melodic technical death metal where unbelievable speed meets intricate melodies with plenty of progressive and epic moments. Now on their 5th album with “Deathless” being their debut for Metal Blade, Revocation’s material has been steering towards a darker and heavier sound evolving over time, but in being true to their name, there is no reversal, no going back with a definite annulment to the past.

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