“We Are”
Sometimes when you see a band’s name you might wonder what they thought when they put the words together but once you taste the name, let it play on your tongue you get the feel for it. So taste the name REVOLUTION HARMONY. Let it play on your tongue. Isn’t it a pretty good name? If I’m not totally misinformed this is some kind of charity event. Featuring Serj Tankian, Ihsahn and Devin Townsend it is reason enough to get this but if you can do a thing for charity at the same time there really isn’t any reason to no get this one. Musically this is like Emperor meets System Of A Down in Devin’s dark basement. I really like this track and wish that there had been more. I usually don’t get excited by this kind of things but the result of these individual collaborating really deserves a bigger forum than this single track. Anders Ekdahl

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