Revolution Saints – “Light In The Dark”

Revolution Saints – “Light In The Dark” CD / DVD (Frontiers Records)

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A renowned drummer in anyone’s eyes, Deen Castronovo has thumped his way with the best of ’em from Journey to Ozzy to Bad English (to name but a few!) but what is often overlooked and certainly under utilized are his incredible vocal talents. In fact, when Journey lost Steve (Perry) and later Steve (Augeri) I did wonder why they didn’t just turn to the talent already in the band as Castronovo (at least to me) still sounds pretty close to Perry? Well, clearly not alone in my madness, producer/songwriter Alessandro Del Vecchio (Hardline, JORN) has also felt this way since producing this super group’s self titled debut a coupla years back. Brought together by Frontiers Records president Serafino Perugino, Revolution Saints is also made up of Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake, Dio, The Dead Daisies) and Jack Blades (Night Ranger, Damn Yankees) in what can only be described as an elite level hard rock / AOR super group! Compared to its predecessor, “Light In The Dark” is a lot more tighter probably as a result of the band being more familiar with one another, as well as being somewhat heavier – but whatever the case, it rocks! Unsurprisingly there’s traits of Whitesnake (‘Freedom’) and Night Ranger (‘Ride On’) while Journey is certainly prevalent throughout (and confirms my earlier comment about Deen’s astounding vocals) especially on the amazing ballads of ‘I Wouldn’t Change A ThingandCan’t Run Away From Love’, both of which are superbly complemented by the guitar god grace of Aldrich‘s truly breathtaking work. That said, this isn’t a clone band and songs like the hard AORRunning On The Edgeresonate pedigree in their own right along with huge catchiness from Aldrich‘s spirited guitar to the cool keyboards, while on The Storm Inside’ the trio show their hard side with heavier guitars and a blistering solo from Aldrich, as does the upbeat AOR ‘Another Chance’ with its excellent layered vocals and harmonies together building to blissful climax! With the (deluxe) DVD including footage from the band’s first-ever live performance captured at the Frontiers Rock Festival in Milan last April, a ‘making-of’ mini-documentary, and videos for ‘Light In The Dark’ and ‘I Wouldn’t Change A Thing’, this excellent sophomore bridges the gap of times gone by with today’s modernity both seamlessly and in fine style!

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