Rhapsody Of Fire “Live – From Chaos To Eternity”

Rhapsody Of Fire “Live – From Chaos To Eternity” 2CD (AFM Records)

Italian symphonic power metal kings Rhapsody Of Fire have been going since the early 90s when the new wave of power metal began, rising to their peak when their material was defined as ‘film score’ metal and involving such luminaries as Christopher Lee! However the last few years have been tumultuous, not in least due to the departure of founder guitarist Luca Turilli, who formed his own namesake version of the band! In many ways this monster 24 track double live album is a strategic move for the band, if anything reassuring the fans and the metal scene in general of Rhapsody Of Fire’s health as well as its rich legacy. The other thing that is immediately noticeable is how loud the album is – at times you’re wondering who is loudest, Rhapsody Of Fire or their fans?! Again, this may be deliberate as the band have always been noted for their perfectionist musicianship so this time they may be wanting us to see the real band – not that messrs Staropoli and Lione need worry, if there were any technical faults they certainly went unnoticed by me cos I was simply too engrossed in the ecstasy of their stupendous performance! All the classics are there from ‘Dawn Of Victory’ to ‘Holy Thunderforce’ to ‘Triumph Or Agony’, along with solos from pretty much everyone in the band, although they are wisely timed so the momentum and energy of the show doesn’t wane. Most of all, the reason why this is an excellent release for the band is that it vividly captures their live performance and you literally feel the band are in front of you, surrounded by a thousand fans also screaming in rhapsody!

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