RIBSPREADER “The Van Murders – Part 2”

” The Van Murders – Part 2”
(Xtreem Music)

Battle Helm Rating

To say that I am the greatest RIBSPREADER friend would be to stretch the truth very far. I have occasionally dived into the universe that is RIBSPREADER. So now that there is a new album out it is once again to put on the goggles and dive head first into the death pool. Because this is death metal done the classic way. Nothing fancy or melodic. Just pure fucking filthy death metal. The one with a real heavy bass presence, where the rumble from it resonates in your gut. The way I like my death metal the best. This is pretty awesome. And it makes me wonder why I am not a friend of everything the band has released (yeah, I know it is a hell of a lot of stuff) because this is my kinda metal. Anders Ekdahl

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