”Res 9”

Battle Helm Rating

Back in the 80s when I started to listen to hardrock and heavy metal Canada wasn’t that interesting in terms of finding new cool bands. I was more into the British and American bands. But I did discover, among all the Loverboy and Bryan Adams of Canada, that there were cool bands like Rush and Triumph. And to this day I hold Canadian hardrock/metal in the highest regard. So when I return to Rik Emmett’s shredding guitar some 30 odd years later I don’t do it expecting to hear anything resembling Triumph. What he does now might have some resemblance of previous crimes but in the whole this is blues rock. But not blues rock like Gary Moore did in the 90s. This is much rockier than I thought it would be. Not so much bluesy. The opening track gives me a Golden Earring vibe and that sets the tone for the rest of the album. I dig this profoundly. Anders Ekdahl

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