Rimfrost – “Rimfrost”


Rimfrost – “Rimfrost” (Non Serviam Records)

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Formed by school friends Throllv (drums) and Hravn (guitars / vocals) in 2002, Rimfrost is named after the old Norse term for ‘frost’ – and aptly so, given it is certainly raw and icy – both in brutality as well as melody! Taking their inspiration from older Swedish black metal bands like Dark Funeral as well as immortalized black death gods Dissection, Rimfrost effortlessly mixes the two styles on this namesake album, which is their 3rd full length release. Although initially rising fast in the underground, logistical problems between the band’s two creators as well as several bassists have knocked the steam out in recent years, with this album being 7 years since the last! Nevertheless, Rimfrost’s talent is less questionable, with any hiatuses used to increase their technical and song writing capability as is skillfully demonstrated on this album that also tastefully includes influences like Bathory to go beyond black metal grimness and simplicity. Rich in Jon Nödtveidt metallic clanging riffola, there’s also an abundance of beautiful Norse melodies that really give the material an epic feel when you add in the symphonic pieces and warrior backing vocals. Hravn’s own lead vocals follow the black metal style but are still very intelligible almost giving me the impression of a black metal Udo Dirkschneider! That said, the band’s core sound has not deviated from its name – that of a raw, cold feel in the guitar sound, new guy BC’s crunching bass and Throllv’s machine like drumming on songs like ‘Saga North’, ‘Ragnarök’ and my personal fave ‘Dark Prophecies’ which really shows off the new style with its evil warbling and insane King Diamond cackling. An excellent comeback by Rimfrost in what must be their finest hour.

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