Riot – “Immortal Soul”

“Immortal Soul”

I honestly feel privileged to do this review – Riot are a band that I’ve known and seen since the 80s and have a tremendous amount of respect for. Centered around guitarist Mark Reale, they’ve been going thru thick n thin since the late 70s with a plethora of line ups. To me their legendary album “Thundersteel” is one of THE classic releases of all time and clearly I’m not unique in that perspective as over the years, the Riot fans have repeatedly acknowledged the “Thundersteel” line up as being the definitive one. Well, get ready for a heart attack: “Immortal Soul” not only has been carved out as the successor to “Thundersteel”but features Tony Moore (vocals), Mark Reale (guitar), Don Van Stavern (bass) and Bobby Jarzombek (drums) plus live guitarist Mike Flyntz!!!! Despite 23 years passing by, the sound of “Immortal Soul” has been faithfully reproduced and also contains a mixture of power and hard rock, not forgetting the trademark fretboard burnings that have made Riot a cult band of today. I reveled in the 12 songs making up this album, whether it was ‘Wings Are For Angels’, ‘Insanity’ or ‘Sins Of The Father’ as they all contained elements of those classic songs on “Thundersteel”, making this a true n worthy successor, as well as being an aptly titled album reflecting the indomitable spirit of this fine, fine band.

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