Riot:Noise – “Stand For Something”

Riot:Noise – “Stand For Something” (

It’s not common to find a band out there who don’t give a fuck about record deals and play with reckless abandon for their fans and dare I say it, their love of the music. Well England’s hard hitting Riot:Noise certainly live up to both their name and reputation. Touring relentlessly since these Brit rockers formed 6 long years ago, we finally come to their debut that’s been long awaited by both media and their fanatical mob who pledged it into existence! Needless to say the whole album has a live feel to it and I gotta agree with vocalist Marty in that there doesn’t seem to be any point recording unless you’ve got something worth recording and “Stand For Something” is an apt title indeed cos there’s no fillers, crooners or cock rock – just 100% high energy solid rock to shake the rafters. Marty has gotta be the quietest guy in the band yet his voice brilliantly contrasts the rock drenched riffs of Scott and Ashley and the heavy, kicking rhythms of bassist Freddie and Dan The Man’s pounding drums on songs like ‘We’ll Bring You Down’, ‘Rage You Know’ and the poignant closer of ‘The Smiles Fade Behind’. The whole album has a natural feel to it from the playing to the band’s emotions reflected in the 12 tracks and you can’t help but root for these guys cos they have stood their ground and recorded something righteous.

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