RITE OF THALIA ”Discordia”


Battle Helm Rating

Italian symphonic metal. my mouth is watering at the very thought of it. I simply love everything that is epic and symphonic when it comes to Italian metal. It has to be really, really bad for me to dismiss of it. RITE OF THALIA is a band that got in touch with me. That is something I like. This is female fronted like so many of my favorite Italian symphonic metal bands. It is easy to use the cliché of the great composers legacy when you deal with this kind of Italian metal but I will do so. Simply because this is to me the modern day equivalent of the great composers. The symphonic metal bands have take the classic music legacy one step further. I don’t care what the purists says. This is not the grandest of the grandest symphonic metal bands but it is nonetheless some really good metal. Anders Ekdahl

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