“Oath Of The Abyss”
(Dark Descent Records)
I can appreciate chaos in music. It makes for a welcomed break from the controlled environment of everyday life. Ritual Necromancy are totally new to me but I like their black/death metal and the chaos it creates in my head. It’s like listening to a dryer spinning at full speed while a ton of metal is rolling around inside. At first it is just a lot of fragmented noises but little by little it all starts to make sense. The more I listen to “Oath Of The Abyss” the more I understand it. I get images of what it was like hearing Cannibal Corpse the first time. At first it just seemed like a barrage of noise but the more you dissected it the more it made sense. Ritual Necromancy does that same to me. It forces me to concentrate fully in order to not miss out on anything. The slightest I slip in concentration will mean that I have to start all over again. Something that I gladly do as this turned out to be a rather good album that I want to enjoy again and again. Anders Ekdahl

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