RITUAL OF ODDS “God Is An Atheist”

“God Is An Atheist”
Again. I love it when bands send me stuff without me asking for it. That means that what we here at Battle Helm is doing something right and get cred for it too. This Greek band has come up with a really cool album title. Hopefully the music will match the album title. That it dates back to 2010 just proves that there are too many bands out there to keep track of them all. I get a Sentenced without the melancholic side vibe from this album. This isn’t really death metal even if the vocals might lead you to think so. But at the same time this isn’t really heavy metal either. This one exist in that never never land that is neither nor. The land that is in between but not really anywhere. The land that can’t make up its mind whether it wants to be this or that. But it is just that ambiguity that makes this album so cool. Anders Ekdahl

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